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Maxi Pro helps people take full control of their mind and life and become authors of their reality 🤭


Meet The Founder

With a YouTube following of over 173k+, & several companies launched that have done over $1 Million in revenue... Last year, he realized that none of his accomplishments would have been possible if it wasn't for the principles he used to control his mind. So, he created Maxi to help people shift into the version of themselves capable of their highest contribution.

Arlin Moore

CEO / Founder of Maxi


Maxi Members are encouraged to share their wins in our group chat. Here is what they have to say!


The Maxi Pro 6 Week Course helps people to experience an entire new understanding of reality, and discover their life's purpose.

We help "wanderers"...

Wanderers want to do big things in this world but don't know where to start. They dread the 9-5 and will do anything for freedom. Societal Conditioning has limited the minds of the masses to think we must work hard to 'make a living'. This mentality has now become the wanderer's biggest limitation and they are at risk of following the 'normal' path that their parents, peers, and society pushes them toward unless they can discover their true life mission.

...become purpose-driven action takers.

This human is rare accounting for less than 3% of the world's population. Dream achievers are at peace with themselves and their life path. They have achieved financial freedom, are able to travel when they want and explore the world - and they do this through creating businesses that make money through contributing to a greater cause.

How Does Maxi Pro Work?

The Maxi Pro 6-week Training System guides people to become internally fulfilled, action takers on their own path to change humanity in their own way.

Week 1: Quantum Reality

In order to make reality bend at your will, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what you're actually trying to bend. Therefore, we begin your journey into Maxi Pro by diving into what reality actually is at its most basic level. With this base understanding of reality and your place in it, you will be equipped to transcend past the realm of reason into pure potentiality.

Maxi Pro / Week 1 *FREE* Preview

1. The Billionaire's Villa


In this video we hear the peculiar story of a billionaire with a very interesting pattern of behavior. We then go over my personal story of transformation and how we are going to give you a similar transformation in just six weeks. Then we cap it off by discussing one way to win during the next six weeks.

Here's what we cover:

∞ Successful people are very aware of the information they allow into their mind
∞ During high school, Arlin was extremely caught up in negative thinking and allowed his thoughts to spiral him down into depression
∞ Over the course of 5 years Arlin learned how to escape this prison
∞ Arlin's transformation shows that change is possible
∞ The most important thing is mindset. The way to win in life is by putting special attention to your thoughts
∞ The only way to lose is to not prioritize your mindset

Maxi Pro / Week 1 Free Preview

2. The Way of The Non-Drifter


In this video learn about Napolean Hill's second, lesser known book and why he had to keep it hidden from the public eye for 72 years. Then we look at the definition of a Non-drifter and why it must be our priority to focus our attention on becoming a Non-Drifter. Then we look at Master Vision Pro and how over the course of the next several weeks we are going to use this document in conjunction with Maxi to drastically change your entire life.

Here's what we cover:

∞ What is drifting and how you may have been drifting and not even realized it
∞ The definition of a Non-Drifter and how to spot one easily
∞ In five years, Arlin was able to go from drifter to Non-Drifter and Maxi Pro will help you make this transformation starting now
∞ There are four ways we will focus on consciously transforming our minds - audio, visual, tactile and nutrition
∞ Focus on decreasing your sugar intake & cutting down on any excessive sexual activity
∞ Focus on becoming a Non Drifter for now

Maxi Pro / Week 1 Free Preview

3. Asleep at Science Camp


In this video we hear the story of how Arlin was not the best science however is still able to explain Quantum Physics at the level necessary to reveal the truth about reality. We learn why people like Warren Buffett and Serena Williams win in their particular fields of focus. Then we look at how and why thinking about something causes that thing to expand in real life.

Here's what we cover:

∞ Science was not Arlin's best subject, but you don't need to be Einstein to understand Quantum Physics
∞ All things in the observable universe are made of particles
∞ Particles behave very strangely and act differently when humans observe them
∞ Humans who focus on one thing for a long time tend to be very successful at that thing
∞ Transformation on smaller levels, such as going from drifting in life to becoming a Non-Drifter can take place much faster
∞ Our new world paradigm is that if we want something, we simply have to think about already having it

Week 2: Inner Purpose

During this week, we focus on inner engineering of your spirit and soul. We will look into releasing past events that may be causing you to self sabotage and learn how to consistently cleanse your mind and body of unsupportive energy. By the end of this week, you will be more in tune to the present moment than ever before, free of neediness, and completely fulfilled from within.


Week 3: Outer Purpose

By the third week, the conscious programming of your Master Vision will begin to take shape and we will take a deeper dive into how to create a path toward your dream vision and exactly why this methodology is 100% effective. You will now not only have a clear definition of where you are going in life, but you will have a system of self mastery and evolution to propel you toward success.

Week 4: Wealth Systems

With a definition of your Master Vision set in place, the Wealth Systems module will provide you with a breakdown of the systems based mindset of the rich. We will also unpack and release any self-limiting programming, and also delve into the hidden marketing and branding business principles behind the most influential brands such as Apple and Off-White™️. In a live webinar, Arlin will also show you how he built Maxi with zero coding necessary.


Maxi Pro / Week 4 FREE PREVIEW

16. From Broke to Bazillionaire


In this video we discuss the key mindset shifts to from broke to financially free both mentally and physically. In order to create change in your financial reality, that change always has and always will begin in the mind. We also discuss one of the key lessons I learned from the financial legend Robert Kiyosaki.

Here's what we cover:

∞ What is a $36,000 Millionaire Mindset?
∞ What is a Bazillionaire and how to become one?
∞ Adopting an elimination mindset
∞ Shortening your list of desires leads to the progress you dream about, failing to do this will result in a downward spiral
∞ The plight of the Do-Everything-Preneur
∞ Robert Kiyosaki's failure = success principle
∞ How to build a product step one

Week 5: Fitness Revolution

In week six, we deliver the fitness mindset essential to creating the most massive changes in your life. We also give you the Maxi Pro fitness mindset, dietary and fitness plans. You will be given resources to maximize your body's potential through weight training plans, Yoga routines, and energy exercises.

Week 6: Social Life Mastery

The Social Life Mastery module is perhaps the most actionable and effective week in the entire Maxi Pro training. You will be given a blueprint to create your dream social life, as well as training about how to get access to the most exclusive events, how to develop confidence to speak with and attract anyone, and how to most effectively attract your desired relationship.


Maxi Pro / Module 6

28. Arlin's Embarrassing Secret


In this lesson, we dive into Arlin's dog days. Arlin tells the story of his first heart break all the way to his social enlightenment.

Here's what we cover:

∞ The dog days of Arlin's early social life
∞ The social hierarchy and your archetype in the group that may be ingrained into your personality
∞ Arlin's journey in personal development specifically related to his social life and ability to communicate with anyone
∞ What is the Go game?
∞ What are approaches? What are "reference experiences"?
∞ Doing energy awareness exercises in the bathroom
∞ What are the 3 P's of social life mastery?

15+ Hours 80/20 Content

Step out of societal conditioning once and for all and take complete control of your mind and reality. The Maxi Pro Training contains zero filler content. This training cuts straight to the point of the most essential teachings to become a systems genius in each area of your life. When you take the time to design your mindset your mindset designs your life in time - and when you design your mindset through the lens of 80/20 thinking, your results come with even greater ease and abundance.

✓ 80/20 Content
✓  No “Filler” Content
✓ Battle Tested Resources


When you join Maxi Pro 6 Week Course,
You Get a Free 1 on 1 Mindset Call with Arlin &...

When you join Maxi Pro,
You Get a Free 1 on 1 Mindset Call with Arlin &...

"How Arlin Built Maxi with No Code" Live Webinar $2,997 Value


All of this, plus a
lifetime membership to Maxi...

Maxi Pro - 6 Week Program
$991/ Once
✓ 15+ Hours of Step by Step Training ($3,997+ Value)
✓ Access to Maxi Software for Life ($397 Value)
✓ Private Mastermind Group ($997 Value)
✓ Live call Archive with Arlin + Maxi Pro Members ($997 Value)
✓ Fitness & Diet Plans, Maxi Metrics, & Meditation Resources ($997 Value)
✓ Library of Energy Awareness Exercises ($997 Value)
$8,382+ Value reduced to $991 once, never pay for Maxi again!

Mission: Collective Enlightenment

Look at what the level of consciousness of humanity has caused through today - wars, hate culture, and a manipulative mass media. This is a result of a world of dependency and individuals who do not think for themselves. This sheep mentality leads to massive distortion of truth, which prevents evolution and so a failure to raise the collective consciousness could very well lead to the self extermination of the human species. At Maxi, we envision a world in which the vast majority of people know how to use their minds to design a reality of heaven on earth, and we depend on the systems geniuses to make that change a reality. Join Maxi Pro to lead this change.


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Maxi Members are encouraged to share their wins in our group chat. Here is what they have to say!